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To ensure dental health, dentists perform tooth extractions as outpatient procedures. Reasons for extraction include preparing for braces, insufficient space, infection, impaction, severe damage or decay, and tooth infections in cancer patients undergoing treatment.

During an extraction procedure, your dentist will ensure your comfort by administering a local anesthetic to numb the area. Following this, they will carefully clean the site and gently expose the tooth using specialized instruments. The tooth will be removed skillfully, and the extraction site will be covered to protect against potential infections. In situations where an impacted tooth is involved, it may be necessary to break the tooth before extraction to facilitate the removal process. Rest assured that your dentist will employ the necessary techniques and precautions to perform the extraction safely and efficiently.


Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure recommended for various reasons. These third molars often erupt at an angle that can lead to complications with existing adult teeth. To prevent potential problems, some patients choose to have their wisdom teeth extracted even before they cause any issues.

Common problems associated with wisdom teeth include crooked teeth, sideways growth, crowding, jaw pain, and increased risk of tooth decay. The formation of cysts beneath the gums is also a concern. Evaluating teenagers for the removal of their wisdom teeth is commonly advised, as extracting them at a younger age typically leads to better outcomes.

As with any surgical procedure, there is always a level of risk involved. It's important to communicate any concerns you may have regarding wisdom teeth removal with your dentist or oral surgeon. If you decide not to have them extracted, close monitoring is necessary, as wisdom teeth have a tendency to become more problematic over time.

Following either type of procedure, it is crucial to adhere to our detailed post-operative instructions to ensure proper and prompt healing. During the initial recovery period, it is recommended to consume soft foods and liquids until the effects of anesthesia subside, and continue with this diet for a few days.

When it comes to oral hygiene, avoid brushing the surgical area immediately after the extraction. However, you can continue brushing the rest of your teeth as usual. After a couple of days, you can gradually resume your regular oral care routine at home to maintain optimal dental hygiene.


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